Warriors: Children Starter Novel


Imagine, different clans from different area’s fighting for land and domination. Leaders become enemies and betrayers. Outsiders become leaders and world renowned warriors. Allies between each nation is made to protect one another. Star crossed lovers, and just about anything else you can think of jam pact into one book. However, there’s a twist. The main characters are all cats. Yes, you heard me correctly, cats.

My mother had traveled to Savannah, Georgia for a work trip. She was touring the downtown and passed a bookstore. In the window sat the book “Warriors: Into the Wild.” by Erin Hunter. Anyone who knows me knows I’ve been the crazy cat lady since birth. My mom picked up the book out of curiosity, realized it was all about cats and bought it for me. I was in 4th grade at the time, 9 or 10 years old. Can’t exactly remember the age.

I got really into this series. These books written by Erin Hunter, are meant to grow with you. The further into the series it goes the bigger the books get and the more pages are added. Even if you are not a cat lover, it’s still a good read. I stopped reading them getting into my high school years just because I got a little more busier with life. I didn’t have enough time to hit up the book store, plus I had no money.

I would recommend this series to younger children. There’s not a lot of violence in it. I mean yes, the clans are fighting against each other, but they aren’t describing in great detail of how one cat ripped the limb of another cat off. Plus, it’s cats so it keeps your attention. It’s a really good read and it would be really suitable for the younger age. Talking about it now makes me want to pick the series back up and reread it from the beginning again. To continue on from where I last left off.

There are 4 different series listed in the Warriors. There are 29 books all together for the series. Subtracting the 2 that has yet to be released, so this series is still going on today. Adding to that, there is a manga series, a super edition that focuses on certain characters of the story, novellas, and a field guide describing the terminology of the series.


The Art of Cursive

I remember back in my younger years, when it was that dreadful time of the day where the teacher would tell all students to bring out their writing books. It wasn’t just any normal writing book, it was a cursive writing book. We would spend about an hour rewriting the alphabet five times over. Rewriting the words, “car”, “here”, “there”, “thought.” Watching how the words just got bigger as we went further down the book; our small minds thinking it was just impossible to write out the word “throwing” in cursive.

Second grade was when I started to learn how to write cursive. I can remember the teachers harking over us saying that we would be writing cursive for the rest of our lives. The older we got the more teachers would require cursive in every paper we would ever write. They would repeat over and over again, that in high school it would be a MAJOR requirement. So much so, that if the teachers even saw print on our papers, we would be docked points.

Today, cursive isn’t even taught in schools anymore. That day my little brother came home stating that schools were stopping the learning of cursive just enraged me. Partly because I had to go through the awful times of learning how to write it and partly because it was something I believed should be taught. Cursive is now an art form. Only a select few of people know how to write it.

It’s sad because, many people don’t know how to read cursive. Cursive is the same as print, it’s just slurred and connected, much like slurred music notes. It’s the same note, only connected to each other. Same letters, only connected to each other. Future generations won’t have a signature, because no one taught them how to write one. When they see cursive, they’ll think it’ll be some different language, when in reality it’s their own.

Cursive is now an art form. As an English major and a writer, it’s sad to see this is happening to such a beautiful form of writing.

English Major Hate

Before I added on my Technical Communications major, I was just an English major in both Composition and Literature. When I first started college, I would talk to people about it and when I would tell them that my major was English, their response would typically be “Oh cool, are you going to be a teacher?” or just give me this look of “You are going to go no where in life.” It got to the point that when people would ask me what I’m going to school for, I would dread answering the question because I knew of the response I was going to get. However, it got better when I added on this Tech Com major. People gave me less disappointed looks and more appreciated looks. Regardless, this shouldn’t have to be like this.

I don’t understand why people hate against English Majors. Not only is it hated in real life but it is also hated in movies. In the movie “Fun Size” staring Victoria Justice as the lead actor, in the beginning of the movie they are talking about how she is applying to colleges. She makes a remark that her parents shouldn’t look down upon her because it’s not like she’s attending Ohio University majoring in English. This proceeded to make my parents break down laughing hysterically because this was my exact plan. I was planning on attending Ohio University with the intent of majoring in English.

English Majors are responsible for most of the writing we see today. Without them there would be no copy writers, publishers, teachers, books, and just about anything else that involves words or literature. Classical books or music would have never been written or shared with generations because the idea of writing and literature would have never been enforced. English majors are just about important as doctors. Think about it, these doctors would have never become doctors if it wasn’t for the publishers, whom are possibly an English major, to publish medical books, these doctors would of never become doctors.

The problem is that it’s a very easy major to invest into. It’s popular and because of this, jobs that are available for English majors are already full. This is why the idea of having an English major and taking it down a different direction. Pre-law is a common one to enter into. People use their English major’s to help them advance into their law career. So I believe there really shouldn’t be a lot of hate towards us, the community of English majors. We put forth a lot of effort into the things you see today.

Beating Writers Block

As writers we all go through this. It’s that moment in time that you are in the middle of writing possibly one of the greatest pieces you may have ever written and then it happens. You hit a wall, and you just can’t get past it. The mysteries of writers block can be one of the most confusing thing any writer can encounter. It just doesn’t seem to be explainable how your train of thought decided to just derail and you are left with an empty track. There are some people who just can’t get past writers block and are stuck behind this wall for what seems to be like forever. However, there are some ways that can help you get that train back on track. To get those creative juices flowing once again, so that you can continue that greatest piece of work you were writing.

Take a small break.

Instead of sitting there and yelling at your brain to break the wall down, step away from the writing area and just take a break. Whether it be for 15 minutes or a couple of days. This is probably one of the most important things to do. You don’t want to stress yourself out over hitting that wall. It will only cause your writers block to get worse. I find in myself that when I’m stuck on something, it takes me a couple of days to get back on track. I realize that when I do come back, I’ve come up with better ideas than before and end up editing out the entire thing I had written.

 Start observing what’s around you.

Take something from the outside and start morphing it into a story. I like to write fictional stories in my spare time. There was a time that I just wrote a story about what was going on around me. It turned into a child who had singing toy friends and the main problem of the story was the little boys grandma couldn’t put him to bed because of these singing toy friends. In reality, I was listening to my grandma attempt to get my little brother to bed but he was more interested in the toys around him than sleep.

Start brainstorming ideas down.

Most the time when people hit writers block, its because they have too many things going on in their mind. Take a minute, grab a piece of paper, and just start writing all the jumbled mess down on paper. Not only will this organize yourself, it may possibly come up with new ideas to push past your writers block.

Start from the middle if you have to.

It can be hard to start a written work. You may have the main idea or the body of the paper all written out in your head, but you have no idea how to start it. So just start the body of the paper. When writing the main portion of the paper, it will make it easier to see what you can interpret into the introduction. Writing the introduction may become easier, and as you write that body, you may come up with a brilliant idea for the introduction.

Use paper and pencil instead of typing it up on computer.

Try switching to paper and pencil. To physically write what your train of thought is thinking, may help you keep your train of thought going. This is how I like to write. I seem to write better when I write on paper. I don’t seem to enter the state of writers block so often as I do when I’m writing on the computer. This is different among writers though. Some may prefer the other way around. To type instead of physically write. It just all depends on the type of person you are.